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Friday, June 14, 2024


Northwestern Region Pensylvania State Education Association Retired (NWPSEA-R) welcomes you! Individuals who have retired from active service as a school employee is eligible to join PSEA-Retired/NEA-Retired.  Join PSEA/NEA

Only the Home and Activity Pages are public to all. Additional content is available for members of NWPSEA-R.  To view the additional content, NWPSEA-R members must be regestered for Members Only through the PSEA website.

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Northwestern PSEA-R Officers

NEA Member Benefits 2023

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NW Region PSEA-Retired Spring Luncheon/Meeting  Tuesday May 9th, 2024   11:00 Registration. 

Primary Election Day:  May 16th, 2024.    Remember to Vote!



Social Committee
The Social Committee has been busy planning activities for NWPSEA-Retired members!  To see the activities that have been planned and to add your ideas for future activities visit either the Social Committee website

or the PSEA-R Social Committee page of Facebook. The members of the Social Committee are Sam Talarico, Judy Metzler and TBA.

PSEA RETIRED Meet Josh Shapiro
Norhwestern Region PSEA-Retired
 NWPSEA-Retired Goals
  1. To promote and advance the goals, objective and purposes of PSEA-Retired and PSEA.
  2. To act on behalf of retirees of school employees on problems involving their welfare and personal needs.
  3. To initiate and support legislative programs that are beneficial to retired people. 
  4. To cooperate with other organizations in support of legislative efforts for the improvement of public education and the welfare of educational retirees.
  5. To support the National Education Association-Retired in matters pertaining to the interest and welfare of retired public school employees and for the betterment of public education. 
  6.  To serve the interests of PSEA-Retired members in the unit’s geographical area. 
  7. To provide a setting where PSEA-Retired members can work together for social and other purposes.

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